Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catch the Reading Bug

The month of May is "Get Caught Reading" month. 

To celebrate this we are going to take a day, to read our favorite books, and I might even read some to him.  Actually, we do a lot of read-alouds.   (though mostly in the evening)

BUT... don't let the reading stop after May is over, and summer is getting ready to begin.  I have found several "reading incentives" for summer reading. 

Check out the ones that interest you, just click on the images for details: 
For Education:  you know...when you just need to kids to sit quietly for a while and rest.  

This site has all ages of books suggestions/worksheets

Scholastic has a bunch of ideas for books suggestions, and contest for kids.
Click the image for more info

For fun:  summer contest for kids

Barnes and Noble

Chuck E. Cheese has a reading rewards chart for free 10 tokens.
They actually have a lot of rewards charts for free tokens for just about every behavior you could think of.

I'll post more if I find out more.  I'd also love to hear if you know of any I hadn't found yet!

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