Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Science Experiment - Blubber

Noah has been learning about whales and pinnipeds (seals, and sea lions).  So, yesterday, it was time for an experiment.  This always makes Noah’s day….experiment time! 
He was to “test” whether the blubber on the whales gave them much protection in the icy waters. 
We got out our ingredients… petroleum jelly, gloves, and ice water.  
School 2011-2012 001
School 2011-2012 004
He stuck two gloves on each hand, adding 1-2 inches of petroleum jelly to the other hand. 
Hint: when testing make sure you don’t stick your wrist in also – that isn’t covered.  :)  We had to test twice.  You know, just to make sure he couldn’t hold his hand in the water longer. 
School 2011-2012 006
Get a stopwatch, and time how long he can hold his hand in the ice water.  Test each hand separately.
School 2011-2012 007
He got a big kick out of his “blubber” hand. 
School 2011-2012 008
Final step: write down the observations in the Science Speculation Sheet. 
This is the book we are doing right now for science.   I love it!
From Apologia Science

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun! A Movie field trip.

Calling all Families! Calling all Moms! Calling all Homeschoolers!
Join thousands of families nationwide to see the movie Dolphin Tale on September 23 together. It makes a statement to Hollywood to rally behind movies that “get it right” and tell great stories without all the junk, twaddle, and moral compromise! This movie has all the good stuff we want more of and is truly entertaining and inspiring from ages 5-95!!!
It’s time the conservative Christian Family and Homeschool community shows Hollywood we have a voice. But how? We need a story we can support and get behind, a story that affirms who we are and what we stand for.
Dear Friends, Dolphin Tale is such a story!
This is a family movie that will inspire, instruct, and bring you to tears because of the great story line. This movie even has two homeschool kids who play the main roles! (The casting agents went to a local support group in California and found them!)
The bottom line is that the Homeschool Movie Club wants to show Hollywood that the those of us with Christian and strong family values are a big enough market to support other great movies with traditional, conservative family values. I am hoping you will be a part of this great opportunity with me!
This was copied what Sally Clarkson’s blog I Take Joy.
We plan on going to see this movie on Friday. 
Noah has been waiting for this movie since he saw the trailer for it. 
If you can, support good movies, and homeschooling.  Go see it Friday, September 23. 
If you click on the Homeschool Movie Club link above, you can get all kinds of free curriculum!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Notable Noah

I saw a really neat idea on preserving the current thoughts our kids on Pinterest and 1+1+1=1.
I decided to make my own version, the way I knew how… these are Noah’s likes.
Noah's likes
I created this on Picnik
And the ones that didn’t fit on my picture:
Best show on TV: “In my opinion, Magi-Nation”
The coolest person on Earth: Grandpa
I can most awesomely: draw
I would change my name to:  “I wouldn’t change my name”
If I could go anywhere in the world: “where else, I would go to Africa to dig down to the center of the earth.”
My favorite movie: Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Favorite season of the year: “summer and winter, but winter is better cause you can do more things”
If I could have one wish: “to have enough materials to make working wings”
Three words that describe me: fun, inventive, talkative. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A great education site

In looking for some supplemental things for Noah to do, I came across a great site at education.com.  This site seems to be quite thorough have worksheets, activities, etc, for all ages/grades from preschool - highschool.  And a bonus they have an app for ipod/ipad.   It's awesome for ideas! 

Fun Finder, by education.com

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our first history project of the year

In history, we use Tapestry of Grace – Year 4, we are now learning about the beginning of the 1900’s.  Today we learned about the great earthquake of San Francisco in 1906.  We did two things. 
First, he had to make an “earthquake proof” building.  We used what we had.  Marshmallows, and straws.  I was going to have him use toothpicks, but apparently didn’t have those like I thought I did.   Oh well, it gave him more of a challenge. 
school 2011-2012 001_crop
At the beginning, he used mini marshmallows.  
school 2011-2012 002
school 2011-2012 003
In his words, “First attempt – failed”
But we talked about what else could be done, and decided bigger marshmallows would help.
school 2011-2012 007
school 2011-2012 008_crop
Testing its durability….
school 2011-2012 006_crop
Final product…works!

After that we watched a documentary from Netflix on the San Francisco earthquake.

Noah's 4th grade reading list

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