Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our first history project of the year

In history, we use Tapestry of Grace – Year 4, we are now learning about the beginning of the 1900’s.  Today we learned about the great earthquake of San Francisco in 1906.  We did two things. 
First, he had to make an “earthquake proof” building.  We used what we had.  Marshmallows, and straws.  I was going to have him use toothpicks, but apparently didn’t have those like I thought I did.   Oh well, it gave him more of a challenge. 
school 2011-2012 001_crop
At the beginning, he used mini marshmallows.  
school 2011-2012 002
school 2011-2012 003
In his words, “First attempt – failed”
But we talked about what else could be done, and decided bigger marshmallows would help.
school 2011-2012 007
school 2011-2012 008_crop
Testing its durability….
school 2011-2012 006_crop
Final product…works!

After that we watched a documentary from Netflix on the San Francisco earthquake.


  1. He was so excited to do this project. It taught him patient, and how to work through a problem!


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