Thursday, December 6, 2012

Notable Noah~ Braces

noah braces
The time has come for Noah to get braces.  He is not too happy about it.  That is why I had to wait almost two weeks to get this picture! 
I think the only thing he likes about it is the fact that he can change the colors on the braces every month when he goes to get them checked.  We had our second visit yesterday, so guess what colors he chose?  Christmas colors…  He told me he had to “festify” his teeth.  Aside from the fact that he now bites his cheek A LOT when eating, he is getting used to the idea that he has braces. 
The first night he had them on, he told me he wished he could take them off at night when he was sleeping, you know, like he can take his glasses off. 
See those headphones? Yeah, he wears them all the time now.  In order for Noah to calm down (especially when they put the braces on) I had him listen to a book on his ipod.  And…once he starts listening to a book he listens until it is finished. 

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