Monday, January 16, 2012

Teaching about World War II

Figuring out exactly which parts  about World War II has been a bit challenging.  I wanted to take three weeks to cover it.  I wanted to go into a lot of detail, but not too much.  For instance we kinda just touched the surface of concentration camps and all that.  {we will save that for when we get to this again in 4 years from now, he’ll be old enough then} 
The plane he made after today’s lesson

Our Plan

So, we will notebook the main people involved during the dates of 1939-1945.  For us, notebooking means we use
 this page.
Read a basic book about Anne Frank, and read this Corrie ten Boom book.

We also will have a list of Vocabulary words.  Dividing an extensive list of words between three days a week. 
Subjects we are covering.
Europe in the War
Homeside and women in the war
Spying in the War
the Pacific side of the war
planes of the war
Inventions during this time
Projects we are planning…
make  your own plane
make a yellow star, and write about what you think your feelings would have been if you were a Jewish child during this time
make invisible ink
put together a ration kit
map the countries involved
send a care package to a soldier
listen to WWII era music
I got a lot of my ideas from these books
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Both of these are excellent books. 

Today, was a day in our studies that Noah liked – project day.  He is not so much a fan of notebooking day. 
World War II planes. 
Some pictures of him in action. 
Copy the pages from above WWII project book
He really liked reading about all the planes

We needed a better color example for our project, so we googled it. 
Notice the gum – he insist it helps him concentrate. 
The finished project – to make this he just used white poster board, and colored pencils, and markers. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Notable Noah: New Experience

We did something today, I have never done.  Well, two things actually. 
1.  We went to a homeschool activity.  We don’t usually do these, because they are 45 minutes to an hour away.
2. We went ice skating.  Or well, Noah did.  Not me.  I decided to go to this hour away activity, because I wanted Noah to have some ice skating experience. 
Besides, the rink manager will help the kids.  Which means I don’t need to get on the ice.  I thought it was a good idea for them to have cones for “helps”.    So, he didn’t hang on the wall the whole time.  Hopefully, as the weeks go by he will abandon the cones, though even the skilled skaters were using them – for fun I guess. 
ice skating 3
ice skating2
ice skating

Monday, January 2, 2012

It’s time to begin again

Wow.. time sure does fly.  It’s been a long since I last posted.  
We finished up school on December 15 before we had a short break.  To short according to Noah.  Because we start back at it today. 
Before we had our break, Noah had to give me a report on a state:  he chose Massachusetts.  It had to be two FULL pages, with some pictures, at least.  He waited until the last minute, but he did it.  And he did a pretty good job at it also.
These are the pictures he chose, because, according to him, “these just say Massachusetts”.
I had him type the report.  (So I could read it)  Handwriting is NOT his best subject.  And now that we have his multiplication and division down.  Handwriting is what we are working heavily on.  
He found out that he had to come up with more info when typing.  -- A fact he didn’t like too much. 
All in all, I am proud of him for finishing this project – and on time!

Noah's 4th grade reading list

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