Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my 9 year old!  He has waited a long time to be nine!  About a week ago, he sat down and says he needs to make a list of things that he needs to do when he is nine. He called it his "Nine year old Resolution"  Then he proceeds to ask his dad if he made his birthday resolution (his dad's birthday is on the same day) 

I forget what he has planned for the next year, but you can be sure there are plans.  Noah always plans.  He has plans all the way up to and including when he is too old walk any more.  ... he will get a hoverround, of course.  (and, don't you know that by that time they will actually hover!)  His words, for real. 

Anyway, here are some pictures on how we celebrated Noah's 9th birthday.
He is into making his own cards games lately.  This is what he is doing -- playing party games!

Waterproof Bible. 

His new bike!

Getting ready for high fives from dad.  Loves the Battleship game they got to play together!

Ninja cake cheese cake

Ending the day with sparklers.  (those are his rockets boosters)

I hope that you have a very good year, my Noah.  I love you! 

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