Sunday, May 22, 2011

School on Sunday??

When I got an email last week saying there was to be a Geography Expo on Sunday, I knew I should take Noah.  I mean, I kind of feel bad because we have not done a whole lot of geography this year.  This was put on by the homeschool group in our area. 
We are changing that for next year though.  This time next year he will be a geography champ (in my mind anyway)

So, here are a couple of pictures I took today. 
geo exp 4
Love this one! His eyes, just say, Egypt has HOW MANY people?

geo expo - 1
So, they got passports and had to fill out some main facts, when they did that, they got to get a stamp.  In some cases it was a flag sticker. 
If Noah could not find the info, then he did not put on a stamp.  That was his choice, he said he didn’t fill it out completely.  {Even when the board didn’t have the info on it}  He’s a major rule follower – that one!  But that is a good thing.

geo expo 3 geo expo 2
And, most of the tables had food from the countries they could taste.  He is tasting fresh mango.  He didn’t like it. 

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