Monday, January 24, 2011

First Aid Unit

This week part of our History lessons are on Florence Nightingale.  So, I thought that for fun we will also do a first aid unit.  He should love this as he is interested in all things medical.    We will be learning the 4 C's of first aid:  confidence, common sense, calmness, and comfort.  Also some definitions of first aid terms, and practicing some "mock" first aid on each other.  This should be fun!  I know I got these ideas from one of the many homeschool blogs that I read every day, so thank you for your ideas.  They were great.

ETA:  I found the site I got these ideas from, here is the link:  Thank you, Rhonda for these ideas, my sons loved them!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ipod touch

For Christmas, we got an Ipod touch.  This is another great tool for education (even though most people might not think so), but we use it almost A TON for educational purposes.   I have downloaded his Latin lessons, and books, and he does play some fun games too.  :) .  I have not had ours long, but already have found many education "tools" that are great for Noah.  Bonus, I don't have to be telling him to keep on working on his papers.  He will most happily learn his math if it is in APP FORM! 
Some of our favorites so far are:  Rocket Math 
and the Oregon Trail is also fun

Back To Lessons

We have actually been back to our lessons for two weeks now, but I am really bad at this blogging stuff.   After Christmas "break"  it becomes clearer to me what Noah needs to know before finishing the year.  We start with geography.  I have plans to use the two puzzles I have to make this more fun for him.  He is not a workbook or paperwork person.  He would much rather be doing something. So, putting a world map puzzle together accomlishes a great many things as we discuss world geography!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 to everyone!  Noah and his dad began the new year by going to see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader."    Much to my surprise I didn't get much reaction out of Noah -- though he did like the cool, 3D glasses! 
We will be getting back to school for the "second half" slowly.  I think we will begin on Tuesday.  The reason for this.  I simply am not quite ready. I enjoy the relaxed time we have had this last week and a half. 

The goals I have for this year -- are not many, or maybe more accurately too many.  Mostly, schooling goals, I would really, really like it if he would stay on focus, because I have tons of things to do planned!!!
Noah has learned so much already this year, that I can't wait to begin again and see what he will learn next!

Noah's 4th grade reading list

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