Thursday, February 24, 2011

What We Have Done

My, does time really fly by.  I can't believe that almost 4 weeks have passed since I lasted posted.  But, on a good note we have done much in homeschooling.  We have been learning about the Civil War.  This has been difficult since Noah doesn't like conflict much.  Anyway, I taught him what I thought would be appropriate for a third grade and war.  You know -  the reasons it began, major battles, and where it ended.  Basically, we read books, and watch the movie Glory.  We did map work, and labeled the major battles, with their generals.  Overall, I think he learned something, I am hoping he did.

Last week, we went to the Robot Exhibit in Springfield.  I will post more on that later when I have the pics.  All I can say  was Noah was VERY excited to go to this, as he is interested in all things robot. 

Noah's 4th grade reading list

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