Monday, April 8, 2013

A Geography Project

There are certain things I require Noah to do every year for school.  A research project, and a geography presentation are just two of them.  I always get excited when these things are due, because it means the school year is almost finished!

Last Wednesday, his geography project was due.  When asked was country he was going to do his project on?  Australia! He loves that country.  He learned quite a few lessons – cutting neatly with a cutter, making ones project visually appealing, and doing proper research are a few of those things.  Oh, and doing your work by the due date.  This is a very important one!  He finished his project on time –even if it took the whole day!  We are still working on spreading the work out so it doesn’t seem like such a big project.

photo (1)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Notable Noah~ Braces

noah braces
The time has come for Noah to get braces.  He is not too happy about it.  That is why I had to wait almost two weeks to get this picture! 
I think the only thing he likes about it is the fact that he can change the colors on the braces every month when he goes to get them checked.  We had our second visit yesterday, so guess what colors he chose?  Christmas colors…  He told me he had to “festify” his teeth.  Aside from the fact that he now bites his cheek A LOT when eating, he is getting used to the idea that he has braces. 
The first night he had them on, he told me he wished he could take them off at night when he was sleeping, you know, like he can take his glasses off. 
See those headphones? Yeah, he wears them all the time now.  In order for Noah to calm down (especially when they put the braces on) I had him listen to a book on his ipod.  And…once he starts listening to a book he listens until it is finished. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


In the past few weeks we have studied Egypt.  It has been a lot of fun, in fact I have learned quite a lot of things myself.  Mostly about the Egyptian gods. 
It is not uncommon to hear this while Noah is reading…”That is interesting!”, or “That is just so fascinating!”  He makes me smile with his many interests. 
We tried something that I don’t think worked out quite like I intended, but Noah had a great time doing it.  He wanted me to make him a mummy – minus the pulling out the guts and brain and stuff.  (his words)
IMG_2800 IMG_2801

We used a roll of paper we hand on hand.  I just wrapped him up in it.
Amongst the many books we read on the subject, we also watched this youtube video on mummification.

Noah got a real kick out of this mummification song. 

Noah's 4th grade reading list

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