Monday, January 2, 2012

It’s time to begin again

Wow.. time sure does fly.  It’s been a long since I last posted.  
We finished up school on December 15 before we had a short break.  To short according to Noah.  Because we start back at it today. 
Before we had our break, Noah had to give me a report on a state:  he chose Massachusetts.  It had to be two FULL pages, with some pictures, at least.  He waited until the last minute, but he did it.  And he did a pretty good job at it also.
These are the pictures he chose, because, according to him, “these just say Massachusetts”.
I had him type the report.  (So I could read it)  Handwriting is NOT his best subject.  And now that we have his multiplication and division down.  Handwriting is what we are working heavily on.  
He found out that he had to come up with more info when typing.  -- A fact he didn’t like too much. 
All in all, I am proud of him for finishing this project – and on time!

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