Monday, November 21, 2011

Our plans for this week…

We are going to have an easy school week this week…  What with Thanksgiving and all, I thought he could have that day off from school work. :)
BUT.. before that we are still learning much.  Yesterday we watched the movie   Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale  from Netflix.
It was a great movie.  Though now  there are some facts we have to look up.  <smile> 
We will also be taking a virtual trip BACK to the first THANKSGIVING.  You can do it too here.
For MATH  -  plenty of division practice especially.
For LANGUAGE ARTS – he will be writing to his pen pals for thanksgiving…  Other than that no LA – he is already way ahead in this subject. 
For SPELLING – We will be reviewing the Spelling Rules.  No new words this week, just the rules. 
For READING – The Story “No More Molasses Cookie”  from his Christian Light Reading Book.  This is in addition to the other books he must read.  Over the last few months Noah has become quite the reader… his current BOOKS he is reading…
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Thimble Summer is the only one that is “for school”.  Elijah of Buxton is his current reading for while he is in bed before sleeping.  And Shadow Wolf is during the day, because he loves wolves!  He was so excited when I bought the first book in this series for him. 
For WRITING – He will have a 10- minute writing plunge.  He usually does this twice a week.  He gets a list of four different topics or sentences he must finish, and just writes for ten minutes.  Nothing matters but getting thoughts on paper during this activity.  Not Spelling.  Not Punctuation.  Or Grammar.   Surprisingly, he really likes this – I think because I am not grading his mistakes. 
AND of coarse, SPANISH AND LATIN  - Of the two he currently likes Latin better than Spanish. 
ART  - We will get caught up and finish our study on Jackson Pollack.  I, personally,  didn’t like this one, because (no offense to any Jackson Pollack fans) some of  his paintings look like he just splattered paint on a canvas everywhere making a huge mess.  Noah, however, had the idea that maybe he could try that and make some money selling his “art”. 

That will pretty much sum up our short week…  Happy Thanksgiving!

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