Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Version of a Science Fair Project

Before we left for the homeschool conference, I wanted to make sure Noah had all "major" projects done.  One of those was our version of the science fair.  I wanted to teach him what was involved in research and putting together a project.  This was a slow process, and we did a whole lot of it TOGETHER. 

He came up with the idea all by himself -- only after spending a good portion of an ENTIRE day  going over Steve Spangler Science videos in Youtube. 

 ** Hey, he was learning, right? 

He was required to write out the whys, and wheres and what fors. 

I think he did pretty good for the first time. 

The items needed for "Milk Magic"

Noah doing his experiment. 

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  1. I really think you should just pack up and move into that cute little cape cod right around the corner from me. That way I can send Tobes to your place for all the Science-ish stuff!




Noah's 4th grade reading list

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