Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Science Experiment - Blubber

Noah has been learning about whales and pinnipeds (seals, and sea lions).  So, yesterday, it was time for an experiment.  This always makes Noah’s day….experiment time! 
He was to “test” whether the blubber on the whales gave them much protection in the icy waters. 
We got out our ingredients… petroleum jelly, gloves, and ice water.  
School 2011-2012 001
School 2011-2012 004
He stuck two gloves on each hand, adding 1-2 inches of petroleum jelly to the other hand. 
Hint: when testing make sure you don’t stick your wrist in also – that isn’t covered.  :)  We had to test twice.  You know, just to make sure he couldn’t hold his hand in the water longer. 
School 2011-2012 006
Get a stopwatch, and time how long he can hold his hand in the ice water.  Test each hand separately.
School 2011-2012 007
He got a big kick out of his “blubber” hand. 
School 2011-2012 008
Final step: write down the observations in the Science Speculation Sheet. 
This is the book we are doing right now for science.   I love it!
From Apologia Science

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