Saturday, July 30, 2011

Minimizing distractions -- hopefully

I plan on starting this new school year on the right foot (though plans often change).  I have got his books, the whiteboard, desk, and maps all set up.  But, I am learning that we as home educators are responsible for so much more than making sure they know the right states and capital facts, and their multiplication, etc. 

We are also going to be working on minimizing distractions – keeping focus.  

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Last March when I attended the homeschool conference in Cincinnati, one workshop caught my eye. 
The workshop on by Jessie Hawkins, called The Sidetracked Child: How Botanicals and Nutrition Can Increase Concentration and Reduce
Distractibility in Your Homeschool. 

I immediately knew I had to make it to that one.  And it was very interesting. 
She was very informative – in fact got me to thinking  rethinking, my set up for Noah’s fourth grade year. 
Just three of the points I thought were interesting.
1.  Make sure they have plenty of sunlight, or better yet, if it is a nice day – take your work outside.  I must admit we don’t usually, in fact, I don’t think I have ever had him do his work outside.  Though I have thought it a very cool idea. 
2. Put some plants in your schooling area – plants help to filter out those invisible bad house toxins.  Great idea!  Love this concept, just not so sure how well it will go over considering I DO NOT have a green thumb at all.    I will need to find some really hardy plants. 
3. Maple syrup is good for you.   You know the real stuff…  the Grade B is best. 

In my way of thinking if we start with just these three we will have  -- 1.) a pleasant school area, and 2. )  a good breakfast!

Oh by the way, I think Jessie Hawkins’ Vintage Remedy and other books will make a great health class… maybe next year… I’ll have to save the money for it.   

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