Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ultimate field trip

We have been waiting and saving for four years (at least) for this trip to Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida. 
Ever since Noah found out a person could swim with dolphins he wanted to do it.  He and his grandma.  Good thing she wanted to, because swimming with dolphins was not really on my list of things to do.  :)  It is a good things Discovery Cove has plenty of things to do.  Though all we ended up doing the WHOLE day was snorkeling.  Again, putting my head UNDER the water and snorkeling was something I had to get over, but I did it!  And it was awesome.  There’s a whole world down there in the water.  Though it is a bit, um, worrisome, (to me, at least) when the sting rays would swim near and around you.  Some of them were big!
Where was Noah?  In the water, of course.  Noah and his Grandpa took off snorkeling having a great time. 
So, here are – a few – pictures of our trip.
photo (6)
Discovery Cove scenery
photo (5)
Where we did our snorkeling.
photo (7)
Noah in his wet suit and snorkeling gear
… his swim with the dolphins
photo (22)
one thing he didn’t like though was … kissing the dolphin! 
photo (3) photo (4)
We were able to see many manatees.  A rare treat since it was cold in Fl.
photo (10) photo (9)
photo (13) Noah sitting 2 rows down so he can be in the splash zone
AND  he got wet!
photo (11)_crop_crop
His face says how excited he was to be splashed by Shamu.
photo (15) photo (14) Nothing like pretend parasailing
It was really quite windy there that day. Noah got a big kick out of what the wind was doing to his hair, he had me take a picture of it.
photo (16)
photo (19) photo (20)
Tarzan, maybe??   I think he is speaking gorilla.  He tells me he knows how to speak it.  (only one sentence though)..  He is saying, “I’m stronger than you.”
photo (8)       
At SeaWorld.
photo (21)
After all that water time, he could walk on the water at The Holy Land Experience. 

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  1. I would LOOOOOVE to swim with the dolphins too! Such a cool experience! So happy you guys had this special trip!



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