Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Ambitions…

So, we are going to try writing a novel.    In a month.  
Noah often says that he would like to write a novel.  He says he would like to do a lot of things.  When I read about this opportunity, I had to let him try.  So beginning November 1, 2011  Noah will begin writing a novel.  For this particualr program.  He already has some parts of a story he's working on typed out on his Ipod Touch.  I tell him now, to beginning to get all those thoughts rolling around in his brain into order! 
We are going to use this as our guideline:  NANOWRIMO: Young Writers.  And National Writing Month is November 1-30th!
This may be ambitious on my part, but I set his word count number to 18,000 words. 

I will keep the updates coming. 

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