Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noah’s 2012-2013 schoolbooks

We will be starting school for this year on August 27th.  Yes, later than usual, because I have jury duty.  (Which makes Noah really excited that he can wait an extra week.)  However, he has been warned that this year he has PLENTY of work to do.  (He is not too happy about that)  But, I know he will do fine.  We are also trying something new to us, and he get his whole week’s work at one time, and can CHOOSE when he wants to do it.  It has to be done by the due date , and properly!  I, obviously, will still teach him the new stuff, I just won’t be hounding him each day to finish his work.  All in the continuing process of raising a child to be independent. 
So here it is our curriculum for Noah’s fifth grade year…. 
MATH ~ I have decided to change what we have been doing (Christian Light).  While I loved it while we were doing it, he was beginning to be bored with this program, and I can’t have that!  So, we are doing BJU Press Math 6.  Yes, I know he is doing “sixth grade”, but he is ready.
GRAMMAR ~ I am changing this subject too, for the same reasons as Math.  He would breeze through the Christian Light books and I would never have to explain anything.  Again, one of the reasons I homeschool him  is so that he is challenged, so BJU Press English 5 it is. 
SPELLING ~  We are continuing on with Spell to Write and Read.  We started this last year, and it works great. 
VOCABULARY ~ During this year homeschool conference, I sat in a workshop by Judith Darling.  She recommended Vocabulary Workshop by Sadlier-Oxford, so we are giving that a try.   
HISTORY ~  Continuing with Tapestry of Grace we are going through Year 1.  This will cover the Ancient world from Creation to the fall of Rome. 
SCIENCE ~ I am taking a big chance in Science this year, and jumping him up to what most consider science for 7-8th grade.  I believe he will handle it well.  In keeping with MY (and his) for him to graduate early, he needs to begin this year by doing this book.  He LOVES Apologia science so I forsee no problem.  It is his favorite subject.  We are doing Exploring Creation through General Science.
CREATIVE WRITING ~ One page creative writing due at the end of each week.  In addition to the Jump In writing book.
GEOGRAPHY ~ I have searched and searched for a geography program I liked.  I found it this year at the homeschool conference.  I was not surprised when I turned the book over to find out who published ~ Apologia.   It is called Around the World in 180 days.
LATIN ~ Continuing on same as last year, we are sticking with Visual Latin.  Absolutely Awesome. We just download the lesson onto the ipod and away he learns.  Check out the site, you can see a whole lesson!
SPANISH ~ Rosetta Stone.  What can I say we have been doing this for 21/2 years now. Hopefully, he will finish this year.  But, he likes Latin better than Spanish. 
ART ~ We are going to try and have him work on pastel drawing this year, through the info we get from this blog.  Hodgepodge.  They have awesome ideas.
GYM ~  Mostly we are going to work on Nutrition, Endurance, and swimming. 
BIBLE ~ He is going to have a verse (or few) a week to memorize.  Because memorizing is good for the brain, memorizing the Bible is perfect. 
TYPING ~  Mavis Beacon, and some other technology stuff. 
READING ~  I will post a list of the books I have him reading this year later.  The first book will be Captains Courageous
After Christmas, Noah will be doing basic electronics, and making an oscilloscope.  Honestly, I don’t even know what that is, but the course teacher will help him!  He will be taking this course through this company, Applied Inspirations.

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