Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacations and birthdays

In the last couple weeks we have been on vacation, been to interesting attractions, and had a couple of birthdays.

Here are the pictures (some of them anyway)

First of all, while in Ohio, I took Noah over to the Wolf Park in Indianapolis.  It was a beautiful day.  We went specifically for a wolves birthday party!  It was very cool!  The look on Noah’s face was priceless!  He says he likes wolves even better than before.  If that is even possible.


Now for Peter’s birthday, we went to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. 

photo (2)

Noah waving his banner for his knight!

photo (3)

Raising his cup for honor…

photo (11)

photo (10)


Peter and Noah at Medieval Times. 

photo (9)

This is Noah, on his 10th birthday.  Playing his new skylander.

photo (8) photo (4)

He wanted a picture of what this guy could do.  :) 

photo (6)

Heading out to his game. 

photo (5)

He is once again playing baseball.  He was not happy that he had to play on his birthday.  He kind of lost some enthusiam for the game when he had a odd accident in which he hit the ball into his face, while up at bat. 

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  1. Boys in baseball uniforms always make me smile. They're SO cute!



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