Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In Science this week

Currently, we are studying Apologia’s Exploring Creation in Botany.  I purposely waited until the Spring to do this book, with the intent of doing the planting projects.  As Noah read his lesson each day, he excitedly tells me each sentence.  Or it seems like it is every sentence!  But excitement in learning is a great thing. 
To begin learning about plants and how they grow.  We planted herbs.  He is so excited and can’t wait until they grow, because he has big plans to make herbal soap for gifts for his family! {So, if you are reading this, and are in his family…forget I said that :) }  We will also make some tea!
photo (5)
We have a total of four trying to grow.  They are thyme, cilantro, lemon balm, and spearmint.  It’s a good thing this is Noah’s project.  The poor plants may have a chance, considering I have no luck with growing plants!
This week we are learning about seeds.  He dissected a bean seed, and because they are slightly bigger, I used a kidney bean. 
photo (3) photo (4)
After he split the kidney bean, he drew it and labeled it to put in his Science Notebook.

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  1. We LOVE Apologia too! I hope his herbs grow well. I learned this last year that some herbs will even come back the following year. How neat is that?


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